We are Inter Service Trade

We are entrepreneurs with lots of experience in the tire industry and our founders already sold over 5.000.000 tires.

We know the international market since we have strong and widespread roots.

Our market vision

During the past 5 years, the market has changed more than during the 20 precedent years. In the next 2 years, the market will change even more drastically than during the 5 past years. Only change itself won’t change.

Our philosophy is to create a new wave which will take you on a pleasant surf to a better future.

Are you a professional? We invite you to embrace the future together with us.


We believe…

We believe the future belongs to you!

If you’re open to a new approach, to new ideas, to new dynamics… then keep reading.

We offer you the choice and the opportunity to buy your tires in a modern, simple, competitive and fast manner.

We offer you well over 30.000 references with swift delivery, reliability, traceability and security.

All of this without any subscription fee, without contractual obligations, without pressure, free of stress.

We are Inter Service Trade, Intrastat Partners & Logistics.

The future starts today.
We’ve been expecting you.
You’re really welcome.

It’s absolutely free and without any obligation.

Would you like to work in a new, easier and more competitive environment opening up to you?
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