We are a leading tyre portal and we sell exclusively to professional sellers from the tyre sector.

We sell about 750,000 tires per year.

Any tyre shipped for us has always been paid before shipping.

When we talk about money, we always talk about ‘zero’ risk.

We never negotiate the price.

So we can imagine that you may also be interested in becoming a supplier…

Are you a tyre distributor and can you handle anonymous drop shipments?

Great, then you are a potential supplier.

Since our customers choose us because of our high level of service and our reliability, we take great care in the selection of our suppliers.

We absolutely need speed, accuracy, availability and smooth administration.

These conditions are paramount.

In addition, we give priority to partners who understand our business.

We are a potential source of very many orders.

That is why we need specific conditions that allow us to resell your tires to professionals.

Good news, we are a closed tyre portal.

No customer or competitor will know that your tires are being sold on our portal. Our customers buy from us, we buy from you. You can therefore sell anonymously through us.

Do you have an interesting selection of tires with attractive prices? Then you are most welcome.

Register as a supplier and you will receive all the information and questions you need from us to commence the integration process smoothly and as soon as possible.

Important: We always give priority to our customers for our purchases.

How many EAN references do you have available? We have 70,000.

Simply integrate our stock into your offer and there is a much greater chance that we will also purchase from you.

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