In our available stock and in all offers we receive from our suppliers, we always evaluate the production date of the tires first, then the price.

Tires with RECENT DOT, service, speed, traceability, ease of use and reliability, in short, the overall quality of our products and services, is more important to us than the lowest price. But of course we also do our best to keep our prices as low as possible.

So if you do find an article with an old DOT on our B2B/tyre portal, please know that this EAN code is (temporarily) not available with a recent DOT and that it is not available anywhere with a recent DOT, at least not from a premium supplier. Our suppliers are obliged to declare the DOT as soon as the tires are older than 18 months.

Most platforms, for which you also have to pay to access, will supply you with tires with a DOT of up to 36 months without hesitation. In your interest and to help your customers better, we turn things around. In order to provide you with a much better service, Inter Service Trade raises the bar much higher, while our platform is and remains free.

The choice is yours! Thank you for your trust, we are happy to do business with you.

It’s absolutely free of charge and without any obligation.

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