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Do you have a B2C E-commerce? These are our solutions for you.

We know that you will be dealing with new end customers every day.
They are demanding and they have the right to be.
That is why we offer you an excellent service, tailored to your needs.

We offer you a portal with more than 70,000 EAN tyre references, which you can EASILY INTEGRATE INTO YOUR B2C.

Starting from scratch, we have developed a stable, high-performance and user-friendly software, 100% under our own management, based on your needs as a professional customer. We offer you the best and easy-to-integrate IT system on the market, with API, very intuitive to use. This way everything runs simple, streamlined, fast, transparent and efficient.

We carry out traceable drop shipment deliveries throughout Europe. The order tracking is automatically followed up on the management system and, should you need assistance with your orders, you will be able to communicate with our team of specialists through our internal chat, anytime you need. We offer a high level service and our response times are short and efficient.

Once registered on our intuitive B2B, you will find the necessary documentation to integrate and automate the interface with us. Thanks to our system, you will not disappoint even your most demanding customer.

You are most welcome in the world of Inter Service Trade, your partner for your online tyre sales.

It’s absolutely free of charge and without any obligation.

Would you like to work in a new, easier and more competitive environment opening up to you?
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