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You are a tyre distributor or tyre wholesaler.

You’re likely to already have a B2B with your own stock or maybe even with EANs provided by external suppliers.

What can we do for you?

When one of your customers is looking for a tyre you don’t have, he will buy it… somewhere else.

While you are the customer’s favourite supplier! If you had had the tires your customer was looking for, you would most likely have sold them.

Until now, it was not obvious to you to decide whether or not to integrate an external supplier.

Because all the good suppliers you can find… are also your competitors.

You may also find other solutions that you don’t quite trust. And we both know, trust is nothing less than indispensable.

You need a good and reliable solution that meets the needs of your customers. Because they trust you and are happy to buy from you.

You’ve moved heaven and earth to become their favourite supplier and you can’t afford to let them down.

We have matching opinions. We understand each other’s business.

That is why we have developed tailor-made solutions to meet your needs:

1) We offer 70,000 EAN references in stock, most of them in partnership with the best suppliers.

Both ourselves and our carefully selected external suppliers guarantee accuracy, speed and correctness in all the crucial aspects of our business, including daily management, stock management, quality of deliveries, tracking and administration.

As soon as a third-party supplier can no longer provide us with the correct service, we deactivate their stock (either temporarily or permanently). We never allow a third party supplier to disappoint our customers.

2) We ship all our tires anonymously throughout Europe, thanks to our dropshipping system with superior service.

3) Our stocks and prices are updated in real time, so you always have reliable data and you don’t have to bother your customers with changes and cancellations.

4) Our management software is EASY TO INTEGRATE (API).

Once registered on our intuitive B2B, you will find the necessary documentation to integrate and automate the interface with us. You will be able to automate orders, tracking codes… and through our management system you will be able to track orders, invoices and your real-time current account. In addition, you can communicate with us via an internal chat. And most important: each and single order you will send us, will have its dedicated chat window. This will definitely save your time and leave no room for confusion and unanswered communications.

You will see that we have developed the management software with the best IT systems on the market, very intuitive to use. In general, you will easily notice that everything we do aims to be simple, transparent and competitive. We offer a high level of service and we respond quickly. You will not disappoint even your most demanding customer.

5) Your options are unlimited:

a. Starting from the very first day, you will already have the chance to send ALSO our available EAN references to your customers with whom you are already electronically connected (FTP, API, XML, …) and start selling them our tires as well.

b. You can integrate our stock as a “second column” or as a “second page” in your B2B. To say to ALL customers, not just those who buy electronically, “If we don’t have them, we still have them!”. But since the programming for this is probably long and expensive… you can also choose option ‘c’.

c. If desired, we offer you a second very powerful and fast B2B, 100% working, adaptable to your company identity (colours, logo, content, …), but without your own stock (if you wish, according to your needs), whereas in your existing B2B you will simply need to place a link “XX.XXX other EAN references available”. Your customer orders from you, but we process your order. Automatically, of course.

We connect to your administration for order confirmation, tracking and invoicing.

In short: adding thousands of EAN references to your own B2B has never been easier. From now on you no longer have to reprogram everything.

You will notice: we develop our proposals tailored to the real needs of our customers. Indeed, our long experience in the tire market has given us insight into your real needs as a customer.

Thanks to the trust of many customers, we sell around 750,000 tires a year, even to the largest distributors.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from customers who ask us ‘how can we buy more tires from you? Your service is so good and everything runs so smoothly’…

There are even distributors who use a B2B we developed for them to manage their business.

This definitely makes us proud!

In the world of Inter Service Trade, the possibilities are almost limitless. Fancy a good conversation? We are happy to be available for you.

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