“This size we don’t have…” , “This size is finished, we’re sorry…”

How often do you have to communicate this? Especially in the high season, when selling tires is easy… it is painful every time again.

Maybe you have invested in a nice warehouse and maybe you are storing a nice quantity of tires. You have customers who would like to buy from you and your salespeople are bothering you with their continuous questions and remarks “how is it possible we don’t have them?”

The only question that actually matters is: do you really not have them?

We help you sourcing new opportunities, we help you to keep your profit and your customers on board. Don’t make them buy from your competitors!
Especially in the high season, it is perfectly normal to not have everything available. Thanks to our offer, you can strengthen your offer at once with well over 30.000 references. A delivery within 72 hours is much better than no delivery at all.

Our system is easy, swift and reliable.

Moreover, we can supply a wide range of high quality budget tires. Summer, winter or all season? Our availability is guaranteed!

You’re welcome.
We are Inter Service Trade.


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