Availability Limited to their own stock Large Large
Delivery Quick
(24 hours or on the same day)
3-6 days 2-4 days
Quality Products Good Good
But DOT up to 36 months withour prior notice
(unless explicitly mentioned in the B2B)
Warehouses 1
(their own warehouse)
Without quality evaluation of the suppliersbetter and weaker suppliers mixed
Selection of the best suppliers
High Quality
Weak suppliers are cancelled
Customer Service Good
Personal relationship, often with a sales representative, in your own language
> 2000 contacts
"Tower of Babel"
Direct contact through chat in the B2B
Contact through Telephone/WhatsApp
1 contact/person in your own language
Tracking Codes Unnecessary
due to swift delivery
Depends on > 2000 suppliers,
often with delays or completely missing
Through B2B, CSV or API
always up-to-date
Administration 1 supplier
1 invoice
1 payment
> 2000 suppliers
> 2000 invoices
> 2000 payments
> 40 warehouses
1 invoice
1 payment
Immediate order confirmation and
real time processing of your current account
Price Often higher than platforms
Best prices for a limited selection of brands
Higher costs
Often the cheapest
Especially for stock surpluses and old DOT
DOT up to 36 months without prior notice and without right of return
and no right of refund
Best ratio between quality/service/price/Recent DOT
Payment According to your agreement
with the supplier
Automatic debit
Necessary intensive controls
PayPal and creditcard
Or bank transfer to creat a positive balance in the current account (financial discount!!!)
Discount Depending on your supplier No Yes, for customers with a positive balance in the current account


Your local, regional or national trusted distributors are and will remain an important partner for any retailer like you. They have stock, you have a close relationship with them, they provide you with a good service and they’re quick at delivering their articles. They have always helped you well and they have helped to make your business a success. To support these services, sometimes they have to charge a higher price. They often have obligations with certain tyre brands. This has advantages and disadvantages. For certain brands, the price can be very attractive. On the other hand, they are limited in what they can offer you. A tyre they don’t have… you can’t buy from them.


The well-known pay-per-use platforms are ‘open’ platforms, on which a lot of suppliers publish their tires themselves. You select the tires and then you pay the supplier. These platforms pride themselves on always having the best price on the market. That is immediately their only advantage. But the suppliers on these kinds of platforms know that their competitors are watching and they prefer not to reveal the prices at which they sell their ‘real’ stock. That is why it often happens that suppliers decide to get rid of their excess stock (surpluses) and tires with old DOT via these types of platforms, because success is assured thanks to the low price. Focusing solely on the lowest price is a battle that only produces losers in the long run. At the end of the day, the quality is no longer guaranteed and the service is no longer up to standards. You will be connected to more than 200 suppliers, strong and unfortunately also weak. Certainly, you will also find good and fast suppliers who work professionally, but there are also those who cause delays, do not forward the tracking codes and do not answer your questions. Communication is sometimes quite difficult, because of many different languages, but still you have to maintain constant contacts with suppliers from different countries, process invoices, check SEPA payments, … administratively speaking, this all translates into a greater workload and more stress. Is that what you pay a subscription for?


THE INTER SERVICE TRADE’ TYRE PORTAL IS FREE and will remain free. It is a closed portal, containing our stocks and those of our suppliers. All the suppliers publish all their best tires with us and they compete anonymously to receive your order. Inter Service Trade applies high standards and strict criteria when selecting and assessing suppliers. If a supplier’s way of working does not meet or no longer meets our quality standards, we will cease our working relationship with that supplier, with no hesitation. That has happened several times. Through our portal we can guarantee you quality, speed, punctuality and tires with recent DOT. Our high-end service ensures satisfied customers. Your satisfaction is our priority. We double-check every address with every order we receive, which means we have exceptionally few wrong deliveries and very few returns. Shipping is immediate, tracking codes are available quickly and… you can track everything in a completely intuitive B2B. You can pay with PayPal, by credit card or, if you’re interested in a discount, you can make a pre-deposit into your B2B current account, which is updated in real time. In addition, you will receive just one invoice per day for all the orders you sent us during the previous day. At Inter Service Trade you will find the best quality/service/price ratio in all respects by far.


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